From the 'Luis Ayllón' School of Music, it emerges as
launching springboard for the Symphonic Band.

Young promises

Given the increase of new values in the school of music at the beginning of the 70s, it was created by the then director of the Symphonic Band Mr. Ramón Herrero García, advised by the professors of the Music School of the Society.

He gave his first concert at the Montecarlo Theater under the direction of Mr. Ramón Herrero García. Subsequently, its directors have been: Mr. Antonio Martínez Caño, Mr. Manuel Carrascosa Pérez, Mr. Eduardo Carrascosa Carrascosa, Mr. Joaquín Hernández Ferrus, Mr. Isaac Perelló Martí, Mr. Juan Carlos Mañez Clemente, Mr. Francisco Carrascosa Miguel Mr. Javier Espert Valiente, Mr. Cristian Garcia Gonzalez, Mr. Domingo Arranz Blasco, Mr. Luis Gómez Zanón, Mr. Manuel Jesús Godoy Mesas, and Mr. Santiago Pérez Fernández.

All these mentioned, are soloist musicians of the society and directors of bands and orchestras in our community and at a national level. Since April 2018, the group has been directed by Mr. David Tarín Díaz.

Learning for the future

The Youth Band, with an average staff of 70 musicians, comes to offer a series of 4 to 5 regular concerts a year in the town of Buñol and especially at the Teatro Montecarlo, as part of the society's programming and the various events commemorative events that it celebrates, such as the anniversary of the inauguration of the Montecarlo Theater, Santa Cecilia and the Christmas-New Year cycle.

Likewise, he performs in the concerts of the spring cycle and Music Biennial sponsored and organized by the Buñol City Council, and participates annually in the Holy Week of Requena.

This musical group fulfills the mission of serving as practice and learning, both for musicians and directors, beginning each year with a new pedagogical project with the incorporation of new musicians from the 'Luis Ayllón' Music School of the musical society .


Music Conductor

Conductor of the Youth Band of the SM "La Artística".

Born in Buñol (Valencia) in 1982. At the age of 6 he began his musical studies specializing in percussion at the "Luis Ayllón" Music School of the "La Artística" Musical Society of Buñol, with Professor Fina Sáez. Later, he entered the Professional Conservatory of Music "San Rafael" in Buñol to continue his professional studies with professors Romualdo Gassó and Chimo Lambies. He moved to the Professional Conservatory of Music in Valencia to finish his professional degree with teachers Jesús Salvador "Chapi" and Pau Ballester.

Since 2011 he has a Bachelor of Music in the specialty of "Percussion", studying at the Conservatory of Music "Joaquín Rodrigo" in Valencia with teachers: Manuel Tomás, Manel Ramada, Salvador Tarazona and Manuel Bernabeu, among others.

He has attended improvement courses with important soloists such as: Nick Woud, Juanjo Guillem, Graham Jones, Jan Putjens, Yoel Páez, etc.

Professional career

  • He has played as a guest in various orchestras and symphonic bands, both nationally and internationally: City of Oviedo Symphony Orchestra, Ulm Conservatory Orchestra (Germany), Zurich Brass Band (Switzerland), Castelló Orchestra, Requena Philharmonic Orchestra...
  • Conductor since 2015 of the "Flekys Band" (Formation of 40 wind and percussion musicians made up of the soloists of the Mislata CIM Band) highlighting the performances within the "Japan Weekend: Manga and Video Game Hall" of the Fair of Valencia in May 2017, 2018 and 2019.
  • Since July 2021 he has been director of the Mislata CIM Youth Band.
  • He has also been guest conductor of the Friends of Music Association, in January 2020, on the occasion of the Christmas charity concert organized by Cáritas Buñol.
  • He has participated in the MANAGEMENT COURSE-SEMINAR organized by the WASBE CONFERENCE with professors: Douglas Bostock, Matthew J. George and Alberto Roque, in July 2019; as well as in the "X ORCHESTRA CONDUCTING COURSE" with Mr. Francisco Melero, with whom he currently continues to attend classes to improve orchestra conducting and band conducting. This year he has attended the "I AMAN Musical Direction Course" organized by the Nulense Artistic. He is currently a student of the International School of Band Direction "Tutti".
  • He is a percussion teacher and conductor of the Percussion Ensemble at the Escola del CIM in Mislata (since 2008) and at the “Luis Ayllón” School of Music and Dance of the S.M. "La Artística" by Buñol (since 2015).
  • He has worked as a teacher in various music schools and conducted percussion ensembles in all of them (Chiva, Alfarb, Catadau, La Yesa, and Yátova).
  • As a composer, he has obtained a special mention from the jury in the "Valencia-Crea" contest, as well as two commissions from the current Music Festival "I ara qué?", in the 2016 and 2018 editions. His works have been performed by different renowned soloists and ensembles throughout the Spanish geography. He has been a member of the SGAE since the year 2000.
  • Founder of the Grup Instrumental 360 and the Percussion Group “Libercussió”. Drummer of “Don Kuerales y la Modales de él”, “Bu-Ya” and “La 13Katorze”, he actively collaborates as a percussionist with the rock group “Malsujeto”.

He has studied Musical Theater in "El Camerino de Frank Alonso" during the years 2016, 2017 and 2018. In the theater field he has collaborated in the productions of the "Luis Ayllón" Dance School performing the musicals: Mamma Mia, Hair, We Will Rock You, Sister Act, Monster Therapy and The Lion King. With the Ateneu Cultural de Manises he played the role of Jesus in the production of "Jesus Christ Superstar" (February 2016). He has studied singing with teachers: Astrid Krone, Giorgio Celenza and Gema García. He has studied acting with teachers: Paco Trenzano, Esther López and Vicky Mínguez.