Modern and contemporary dance from 4 years

The modern dance school for young people is a vibrant and dynamic space in which they can develop their passion for dance while learning contemporary dance techniques and styles. The school has a highly trained faculty who work closely with the young students to help them improve their technique, creativity and confidence.

They have the opportunity to participate in numerous performances and shows throughout the year, allowing them to showcase their skills in a nurturing and motivating environment. It is an exciting place for those who want to explore their creativity, artistic expression, and passion for dance.

It not only focuses on developing skills, but also on providing opportunities to present themselves in public. As part of its programme, the school organizes numerous performances and dance shows, both at its own venue and at the Teatro Montecarlo. There they have the opportunity to show their talent in creative choreography, while learning to work as a team and gain self-confidence. In addition, the shows include a wide variety of dance styles, from jazz and hip-hop to contemporary dance, providing the opportunity to explore different techniques and artistic expressions.

The shows at the Theater are particularly exciting, as they allow you to perform on a high-class stage and in front of a large and diverse audience. In short, a place where they can develop their talent and passion for dance, while preparing to perform on stage and thrill the audience with their skill and artistry.