Headquarters of the offices of the Society, social bar, assembly hall,
rehearsal room and music school.

The meeting point

The precursor Directive of the future of this Society, in 1928, had the idea of buying a building. With the financial help of Ismael García Rodríguez, son of the founder of the Band, and affectionately called the uncle "Paco el Feo" (hence the name "LOS FEOS"), the negotiations began.

A year later, with the renewal of the Board of Directors, and after a great economic effort on the part of the partners to raise the necessary money, the demolition of the old building and the construction of the new one were authorized. Two types of actions were established, which committed the Society to the partners, who provided their help both in money and work.

Upon completion of the building, and in view of the numerous vicissitudes that the war period produced, on October 22, 1965, the deed was signed in the name of the Musical Society, which, finally, was the absolute owner of the building that a handful of " Feos" with so much love and faith they had achieved.

"An affectionate memory as a tribute to those who left without seeing
crowned the effort of his work. And let's promise that for nothing
world we will lose this patrimony that they dreamed of and that
we've all come true"