Founded in 1883, it is the axis on which all the activity of the Musical Society revolves.

Considered one of the best band formations, it has performed in practically all of Spain, as well as in other european countries: France, Austria, Holland, Germany, Belgium, and Switzerland.

Throughout its long history, it has been awarded on multiple occasions and in various competitions, to highlight among many others, those achieved in the "A" Special Section of the Valencia competition in the years 1963, 1986, 1987, 1990, 1992, 1993 and 1995 in which the highest awards were obtained.

In 1990 he won, in addition to the honorable mention, the interpretation award granted by the General Society of Authors of Spain.

It is necessary to highlight the year 1993 in which, participating in three contests in the short period of one month, the following prizes were obtained: first prize in the Requena National Contest and extraordinary prize "Ramón Marí Pino"; First prize and honorable mention at the Ciudad de Valencia International Contest and first prize at the Kerkrade World Olympiad (Holland).

In the summer of 1999, our symphonic band participates in the Saarbrüken Festival as a representation of Spain together with the National Ballet and the National Orchestra of Spain.

That same summer of 1999, after participating in the festival, he continued to tour Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands, performing in the following cities and dates:

06-25-99, in St. Ingbert
06-26-99, in Nenning;
06-27-99, in Saarbrücken
07-01-99, in Berlare
07-03-99, in Ieper
07-04-99, in Roermond

World champion in Kerkrade

In the year 2000 he participated in the "XXIX Vila d'Altea International Music Band Contest", obtaining first prize and honorable mention.

It is in the year 2001, when at the "World Music Olympiad" in Kerkrade (Holland), on its 50th anniversary, all the great prizes of this contest were obtained: "First Prize Accreditation Diploma" with the highest score of all the participating bands, "Gold Timbale", "World Champion Flag" and flag for the highest score of a foreign band in the entire history of the musical contest.

He owns the "Euterpe" awards for federal participation and the best recordings of valencian music, with "La Passió de Crist" and "La Vall de la Murta", awards granted by the Federation of Musical Societies of the Valencian Community.

Gold record of the "World Wind Music"

In July 2001, he obtained the Gold Record awarded by World Wind Music for having sold more than 20,000 Banda music CDs.

In September 2004, he participated in the Lucerne Festival (Switzerland) representing the music for band of Valencia and Spain.

In July 2005, after seven years without participating in it, he obtained the second prize in the Honorary Section of the Valencia International Contest.

125th Anniversary

In 2008, society and band celebrated the 125th anniversary of its founding.
In November 2009, he obtained first prize and honorable mention in the edition of the "38th Villa de Altea International Band Contest", achieving the highest score in the history of said contest, with 571.5 points.
In June 2011, during the closing of the 1st Festival of Bands of the popular television valencian community, he obtained the prize for the international diffusion of valencian music.

"La Artística" Symphonic Band of Buñol became the top winner of the 126th City of Valencia International Music Band Contest 2012.

Winners of "Amstel Music Award"

In 2014, the conductor Henrie Adams and the symphonic band of "La Artística" Musical Society of Buñol are the winners of the "Amstel Music Award". The jury appreciates Henrie Adams and "La Artística" for their innovative work in the field of band music. This pioneering work has led to numerous world premieres, radio broadcasts, and CD recordings.

Adams and the musical society have been invaluable to the wind orchestra music scene over the past 25 years, both in Spain and around the world.

Great cast of conductors

As guest conductors, the group has been conducted by such prestigious batons as José Cervera Lloret, José Ferríz, Vicente Más Quiles, Bernardo Adam Ferrero, Johan de Meij, Francisco Grau, Amando Blanquer, Norbert Nozy, Heinz Friesen, Pablo Sanchez Torrella, and Rafael Martinez Llorens.

Currently, its more than 180 musicians are directed by conductor Mr. Mario Ortuño Gelardo and, in addition, it has 330 federated musicians for any extraordinary event in which the musical society participates.


Music Conductor

Conductor of the Band and Symphony Orchestra of the S. M. "La Artística". Director of the School of Music. Assistant conductor of the Valencia Orchestra.

Born in Catral (Alicante), he has developed an intense career in recent years, both in the field of Orchestra and in the Symphonic Band.

As a disciple of maestro Mr. Manuel Hernández Silva, he has complemented his training with great conductors such as Mr. Álvaro Albiach, Mr. Jan Cover, Mr. Karel Mark Chichón, Mr. Georg Mark, Mr. Johan de Meij, Mr. José Rafael Pascual Vilaplana or Mr. Andrés Salado.

As an assistant conductor of the Valencia Orchestra, he has had the privilege of working alongside exceptional conductors like Mr. Josep Caballé, Mr. Karel Mark Chichón, Mr. Alexander Soddy, Mr. Pablo Heras Casado, Mr. Eiji Oue, Mr. Cristóbal Soler, and Mr. Ramón Tébar.

Professional career

  • Director of the band and music school of the Jumillana Association of Friends of Music (2008-2015) and director of the Musical Group of Beniaján (Murcia) (2014-2019). With this group, he achieved the second prize in the XI edition of the International Contest "Villa de la Sénia" and the first prize and honorable mention in the XXVII edition of the National Contest "City of Murcia," both in 2017.
  • He has conducted the Chamber Orchestra of the University of Murcia, the Cordoba Symphony Orchestra, the "City of Elche" Symphony Orchestra, the Andalusian Youth Orchestra, the Spanish National Youth Orchestra (JONDE), the Murcia Region Symphony Orchestra, the Extremadura and Valencia Orchestra.
  • In 2017 he obtained the prize awarded by the professors of the Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra in the 1st Master Course-Contest for Orchestra Conducting, which has led him to guest conductor in the "Frente al Mar" cycle in 2019.
  •   He acted as guest conductor of the S.M. Symphonic Band. ”La Artística” of Buñol in the concert that it offered among the activities scheduled by the WASBE Conference 2019, making the European premiere of David Maslanka's last symphony, Symphony No. 10 “The River of Time”.
  • Assistant conductor at various meetings of the Youth Orchestra of Andalusia (OJA), National Youth Orchestra of Spain (JONDE), and assistant conductor of the Valencia Orchestra during the 2019/20 season.
  • He has been invited by the Orchestra of the Higher Conservatory of Jaén as a conductor at the Tonhalle in Zurich with the Musical Society "La Artística" of Buñol.

Assistant conductor of the Valencia Orchestra in the 2019/20 season.
In January 2022 he won first prize in the Bilbao-Musika Orchestra Conducting Competition.