The school was born with the aim of providing musical training
and create musicians for the band and orchestra.

Faced with the need to develop a project and evolve adapting to the demands, the School of Music and Dance was established on June 28, 1994.

The purpose of our educational center is to offer a response to the demand for training in music education, through non-regulated teaching, promoting amateur training as well as access to professional studies in the cases that are requested.

All this through comprehensive, quality and individualized education, which takes into account attention to diversity.

The music school is the place where young musicians can learn and develop their talent. Offering a wide range of classes, from musical initiation to professional training, it is designed to meet the needs and aspirations of students of all ages and abilities. Students can choose from a wide variety of instruments, including all of the band and orchestra ensembles, and have the opportunity to study both musical theory and practice. In addition, they can be part of different groups and ensembles, which allows them to experience teamwork and perfect their interpretation technique.

It also offers courses as well as workshops and master classes given by renowned guest artists. With a community of dedicated and passionate teachers, it becomes an exciting and enriching place for those who wish to explore and develop their musical talent.

It strives to provide its students with a comprehensive music education, ranging from theory and technique to music history and culture. Students learn about different musical genres, from classical and baroque music to jazz, and gain skills in reading sheet music and improvising.

Teachers are dedicated to providing a warm and positive learning environment and work closely with students to help them achieve their musical goals. In addition, the school regularly organizes concerts and live performances, both at the music society venue and elsewhere, where students can showcase their skills and receive constructive feedback. In short, a place where music comes to life and where young musicians can grow and flourish in their musical talent.


Initiation level
(3 to 7 years old)

-Musical Garden
-Music and Movement
-Music Workshop
-Preparatory to level II
-Introduction to instrumental practice
-LIVE MUSIC Workshop


Basic level
(from 8 years old)

Level divided into four courses with a maximum stay of six. In this stage, the contents equivalent to the elementary level are reached, but from the point of view of group work and from all musical genres.


Level of consolidation

In it, sufficient musical competence is obtained to integrate into any vocal or instrumental ensemble. Within this level, instrument classes, advanced musical language and instrumental ensembles will be taught.


Advanced level

Final stage for students who want to continue their studies, both amateurs and professionals, from an interpretive perspective, with no age limit.


Within our proposal, one of the main ideas is to offer a response to the demand for training in music education throughout the life cycle. With which, we must adapt to the different stages or ages of life.


The services we offer are diverse and are found within non-regulated education:

-musical garden
-Suzuki method
-Prep. Musical language
-Training for adults
-Choir white voices and adults
-Initiation band, youth and symphonic
-Initiation orchestra and symphonic repertoire